About us

 Airline Economics Inc. provides Legal Representation, Contract Aircraft Handling, payment services, and fuel services in Mexico for scheduled and charter airlines.  We also provide tax consulting on commercial aviation purchases and excise taxes.

 Our company began in 1992, under the name of PetroEconomics Group, emphasizing in commercial fuel tax exemptions, registrations and refunds. Our services included helping start-up airlines register for the many tax registrations and exemptions in the states they operate in, helping limit their tax exposure and ensuring compliance with State laws. In 1992, most of the fuel companies depended on the airlines to tell them what taxes they were exempt from. Consequently, a lot of the mid to small air carriers were being charged all fuel taxes, due to the fact that they were unaware of which ones they were exempt from. Shortly after starting operations, we obtained millions of dollars in state and federal refunds for our clients and in the same process, set up exemptions to prevent them from paying those taxes in the future. During the past sixteen years, we've provided services to more than eighty airlines.

 In 1998, we expanded our services to include Contract Ground Handling and Representation in Mexico, through a joint venture with a Mexican airline; we now continue to provide these services on our own. New market relationships were formed with a local firm in Cancun, who represents us with our clients in that market. In 2003, we began to sell fuel in Mexico through a direct contract with the national fuel company. Our clients include several airlines operating scheduled and charter services, as well as several fuel resellers.Airline Economics is a NBAA Member (National Business Aircraft Association),

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